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Bundaloo Freestanding Metal Folding Pet Gate


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You can now be the best home and pet owner all at the same time!

As much as you love your furry pets, handling them can be such a nuisance especially when they’re up and about. You might end up seeing your favorite garment or worse—your own furniture being chewed into pieces while you don’t have your eyes on them.

Most importantly, not all of the areas in your home are safe for them. You don’t want your dogs to get injured or get into serious trouble if they happen to get their paws on your tools and kitchen utensils.

Turn any space in your home into your pet’s newest sanctuary with Bundaloo’s Metal Leaf Pet Gate!

Bundaloo’s 24 x 50” Freestanding Metal Leaf Pet Gate features a leaf design on all of its foldable panels that creates a Z shaped when opened. Our product can hold up on its own without the need for support or assembly.

Compared to conventional pet gates out there, ours boast a unique and elegant design that will match any room they’re in. The intricate leaf patterns make our gates ideal for a modern and sophisticated household while still getting the job done.

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make the right decision:

✅ Durable yet lightweight pet gate that’s also easy to move around
✅ Suitable for any room, hallways, doorways, stairwell and backyard
✅ Does not require bolting, drilling or any permanent fixtures or installations
✅ Can be compactly stored when folded

Bundaloo is here for you! Your backed by a 6 month Warranty
Create a safe and organized space for your family and pets! Add Bundaloo’s Metal Leaf Petgate to your Cart NOW!