Bundaloo Duck Shooting Game - Arcade Shoot Game - Mini Carnival Gaming for Playroom for Kids and Adults - Fun Toy Gun Set and Target Practice

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Can’t find a fun and unique toy as a gift for your kids?

Impressing your kids with gifts is not a walk in the park. Before spending a good amount of money for a present, make sure you perform a thorough research on all kinds of toys possible. You can’t buy something at the last minute and expect your children to be impressed by the toy you’ve chosen for them.

Why not stimulate their imagination and creativity while letting them improve their motor skills?—all while keeping them 100% safe.

Let your kids have the time of their lives with Bundaloo’s Lucky Duck Shoot Game!

Our carnival toy features an arcade-themed shooting game. Shoot the spinning ducks as they pass directly under the crosshair as the ferris wheel rotates to gain points and out-shoot all your peers. Attempting to shoot from further away up to 15 feet creates even more fun!

The toy revolving gun uses infrared light to target the ducks as they revolve around. As you pull the trigger, the toy gun makes a shooting sound. Remember to remain calm and composed before making your shot!

Your new duck sniping toy has a shooting distance of up to 15 ft. This unit has a digital shot count to keep track of your score. While the device is turned on, the ferris wheel plays an amusing carnival-themed music your kids will surely love.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to help you make a decision:
✅ Can be used during birthday parties, sleepovers, and game nights
✅ Durable and made from non-toxic materials
✅ Ideal indoor or outdoor game
✅ Features vivid and vibrant colors

Give your kids what they deserve as a present. Add Bundaloo’s Lucky Duck Shoot Game to your Cart NOW!