Bundaloo 24 Pack Scouring Pads - Heavy Duty Scrubbers Set in Red, Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue - Multipurpose, Non-Abrasive, Anti-Scratch 6x4 Inches

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Do you know why more people prefer using scouring pads over sponge cleaners?

Cleaning dirty dishes is a chore most of us don’t like doing. But it's an unavoidable consequence of cooking and eating at home. And you don’t really want to use stinky, moldy utensils. So, chances are, you have a dishwasher or more traditional cleaning items like sponges and scour pads. And this is where another problem arises.

Sponges absorb lots of water. After washing, there may be dirty water trapped within. Unless you clean them thoroughly, they will dry out smelling a bit funky and moldy.

The Bundaloo 24 Pack Scouring Pads are the better option for a more hygienic and thorough kitchen cleaning.

Compared to sponge cleaners, these pads are thinner and have more compact fibers. This makes it difficult for food particles to get in and become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. With minimal cleaning after each use, our scouring pads won’t smell or attract any contaminants which may transfer to your food utensils during washing.

Our multipurpose cleaning pad is not just for dishes. You can also use it for cleaning walls, windows, floors and work surfaces. The no-scratch feature gets rid of dirt and grime, but won’t scratch any metal object you use it on.

As far as functionality and practicality are concerned, this set is more affordable and lasts longer. It comes in various bright colors so you can code each hue for a specific cleaning job and prevent cross contamination.

With hundreds of scrubbers on the market, what makes our pack your best option?
✔️ Suitable for heavier cleaning jobs like grills and garden tools
✔️ Each pack gives you 24 high quality scouring pads
✔️ Strong enough to take less cleaning time

Clean thoroughly without damaging your kitchen essentials. Add the Bundaloo 24 Pack Scouring Pads to your cart TODAY!