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Bundaloo Pink Unicorn Claw Machine Arcade Game

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Can't think of a suitable present for a young child? This mini claw machine will draw a huge smile on any little boy or girl's face when presented as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday. Plus, it can help hone hand-to-eye coordination as your kid checks the position of the claw grabber from different angles before catching their preferred prize.

  • 🦄 FUN FOR EVERYONE - Our magical Unicorn claw machine grabber is perfect for kids and adults, promising to deliver endless hours of excitement. Try your luck and see who catches the most prizes before the music stops.
  • 🦄 SMALL, COMPACT SIZ - Measuring only 10" x 13.5" x 8", our candy unicorn grabber claw machine arcade game is perfectly sized for kids. It will sit nicely on the floor or on a desk without taking up too much space.
  • 🦄 LOAD & REFILL - This kid's claw machine features a small slot on top, where you can insert all sorts of fun and exciting prizes, such as small toys, trinkets, candy bars, chocolates and treats.
  • 🦄 EASY TO USE - To get started, Turn the switch located on bottom to the ON position. Insert a token (30 reusable tokens included in the package) into the slot. Then, move the joysticks up, right, left or down to catch your selected prize.
  • 🦄 WE ARE COMMITTED - Purchase our claw machine with confidence! We are dedicated and ready to help you with any questions or concerns.
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featuring the bundaloo unicorn claw machine toy

insert toys or candy into the claw machine

Insert a token into the coin slot to activate the claw machine

grab your favorite prize see if you can get it to the prize shoot in time

Load It With Your Favorite Toys Prizes & Candy

It is best to load the claw with toys or wrapped candy that measure 2" x 2" . The more you load the claw with toys / candy the harder the challenge is, to win a prize. It is best to load the claw by moving the claw to the left to clear the opening where the treats / prizes can be inserted.

To activate the claw, turn the switch on the bottom of the claw to the ON position, than take a token from the token drawer and insert the coin into the coin slot to Activate. Have FUN!

Insert A Token To Begin WINNING!

First turn the machine switch to the ON position. Insert one of the 30 reusable tokens that the claw machine comes with, into the coin slot and watch the claw machine come to LIFE!

The token drawer is located on the underside of the claw machine this is where all your tokens will go. There are 3 Joysticks that control the claw, RIGHT & LEFT, FORWARD & BACK, UP & DOWN.

It's Time To Win Big or GO HOME!

To grab a prize position the claw on top of the prize you want, using the RIGHT & LEFT joystick as well as the FORWARD & BACK joystick, than pull the Joystick to the DOWN position, once the claw grabs the prize, move the claw UP, and bring it to the prize shoot!!


  • Tootsie Rolls , Wrapped Crybabies
  • Wrapped Double Bubble, Mini Snickers Square
  • Mini Plush Toys, Mini Lego Characters, Crunched Dollar Bills, Mini Filled Easter Eggs, & Much more...

what prize will you choose
Our claw machine is larger than most other claw machines
our unicron claw machine makes the perfect gift for any child. It will only bring smiles and joy
Unpacking Instructions

Experience arcade thrill with our Compact Claw Machine! Ideal for users of various ages, this captivating toy boasts a straightforward 'On/Off' switch, an entertaining coin-operated system, and a versatile claw. To fully enjoy and maintain this gadget, please follow the included instructions carefully. With correct usage and care, the Compact Claw Machine offers boundless amusement for all. Let the fun commence!

  1. Activating the Machine: Find the 'On/Off' switch at the underside of the unit. Flip it to 'On' to prepare for token insertion.
  2. Token Use: Put a coin in the slot to start the game. The claw will illuminate, signaling readiness for control via the joystick.
  3. Claw Control: Navigate the claw using the joystick - move it left, right, forward, or back. Aim it at your chosen prize and press the joystick down to lower and grab.
  4. Retrieving Prizes: If the claw secures an item, raise it by pushing the joystick up. Bring it back to the release area, then press the joystick down to let go of the prize. If the claw is empty, you get another attempt within the same coin cycle.
  5. Battery Setup and Care: Open the base battery compartment. Insert three 'D' batteries, respecting the indicated polarity. Regularly check for leakage or low power. Always opt for new, recently bought batteries.
  • Avoid Overfilling: Keep the machine's contents sparse to ensure the claw can move unhindered.
  • Success with Prizes: Use lightweight items, ensuring they are 2" x 2" or smaller. Arrange prizes sparingly for easier grabbing.
  • Untangling the Claw: If tangled, switch off the machine and gently free the string. Let it dangle for smooth functioning.
  • Battery Maintenance: Use the recommended battery type. Remove batteries during prolonged non-use periods.