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Bundaloo Dog Pool Sprinkler - Outdoor Splash Mat

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  • 🌊 A DEDICATED SPLASH ZONE - Set up our dog bath and let them experience what it's like to be in a waterpark. Watch them splash and hop around in a 51” mat where they can unleash their energy.
  • 🌊 FROLIC IN THE SUMMER HEAT - Allow your dog to cool down and wade in pure bliss. Make bath time extra memorable to keep your dog happy, refreshed, and away from the dangers of overheating.
  • 🌊 BUILT TO LAST - Our dog bathing station is made from heavy-duty PVC. The pad's .4mm thickness lets your dog be a little rowdy as they play. We recommend clipping your dog's nails before use.
  • 🌊 SUITABLE FOR BIGGER DOGS - The dog shower pool's size is a terrific choice for medium and larger breeds. You can also invite your kid and let them splash around with their furry best bud.
  • 🌊 EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY - Connect a standard hose to our dog water pool's connector. Adjust the water pressure depending on your preference–no need for anyone's help to set up your pet's water paradise.

Worried for your dog this coming summer season?

Some dogs can have trouble breathing in balmy and humid weather. You might notice how their mood changes when the day is becoming too hot to handle. Certain dog breeds are even less tolerant of scorching weather.

But that doesn't mean you need to keep your poor pooch indoors until the heat subsides. Perhaps a dog pool sprinkler will do the trick. The best part about these toys is your dogs will have fun frolicking under the sun, cooling down as they take a happy shower!

Make leisure and bath time extra special with Bundaloo’s Dog Pool Sprinkler!

Our dog pool sprinkler is a fun way to cool down your furry pals. This water-filled spray mat provides hours of refreshing fun for your pets. The mat is 51" wide and 5” deep, making it suitable for medium and large-sized dogs.

This sprinkler pad elevates outdoor bath time, thanks to its innovative sprinkler system that you can connect to any garden hose. The fountain spews a playful cascade of droplets. It will be hard not joining your dog while they splash and chase after the sprays!

The mat’s textured pattern helps pets and kids gain traction and prevent slipping accidents. Adjust the water pressure and create even taller water fountains with just a simple twist of the valve. Once you’re done, it only requires a few minutes to put away the pool in storage.

More reasons to love our dog pool sprinkler:

✅ The PVC material is pet and kid-friendly
✅ Portable and lightweight
✅ A fun way to bathe without stressing out your dog

Introduce your dog to the joys of summer. Add Bundaloo Dog Pool Sprinkler to your cart TODAY!