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Bundaloo Freestanding Folding Wood Pet Gate – Grey


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  • KEEPS DOGGY SAFE & SECURE - Limit your pet's house access for its own safety. Set up this wooden dog gate in your home to keep your pup from escaping, getting injured, or causing trouble.
  • EASY TO SET UP & REMOVE - Just unfold the freestanding gate, let it stand, and it's good to go! If you need to move or store it, it folds into a compact unit that won't eat up valuable space.
  • PORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE - This lightweight folding dog gate is highly versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Just adjust how wide it is spread out to fit the entryway that you want to block.
  • DIAMOND DESIGN - We designed the freestanding pet gate to blend well with any room decor. The light grey wood color and diamond like cut outs look classy and appropriate for its purpose.
  • DURABILITY YOU CAN RELY ON - This 19-inch tall accordion enclosure is made of an extra durable wooden material. With improved stronger hinges and non slip foot pads you can surely count on it!

Is your pet dog always surprising you with a chewed shoe, spilled food, or a pile of torn paper?

Dogs are man’s best friends. As much as you love yours, there will always be something they do that won’t earn your approval. They could be chewing on your favorite flip-flops, leaving bite marks on the leg of a wooden table, peeing on the couch, or shredding your morning newspaper to small pieces.

Dogs often act out when they are stressed or craving for attention. Of course, you should make it calm, stress-free, and feel loved to make it feel secure. You also need to keep it away from rooms or areas in your home where it could make a mess or get hurt. But you can’t do all those 24 hours a day!

You deserve to have peace of mind and a clutter-free home. Let the Bundaloo Freestanding Folding Gate help you manage your beloved pooch!

Our wooden freestanding gate is designed to act as a friendly barrier against stairways, entryways, and rooms where you don’t want your pet to go. Train your dog to know its limits and keep it safe as well.

It features three panels, a long one in the middle, and two short ones on each side. Just open it up and let it stand across an entryway. The gate can extend from 24 to 47.5 inches. Simply adjust how wide it is opened to fully block any means of entry.

We know how awkward it could be to have a pet gate that stands out inappropriately in your home. We designed ours to blend in well with your interior while also looking charming on its own.

More benefits of the Bundaloo dog gate:

✔️ Improved stronger hinges as well as non slip foot pads
✔️ Highly portable. You can even bring it with you when you travel with your dog
✔️ No tools are required for setup

The Bundaloo Freestanding Folding Gate is a friendlier alternative to dog kennels. Lovingly secure your dog by adding it to your cart TODAY!