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Bundaloo Elephant Surprise Animal Box - Plush, Cute Carrier with Handle


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Struggling to find a toy to give a toddler?

With so many options out there, one would think that finding a gift for a toddler is easy. But as a parent, you know that any toy just won’t do. You have to consider the safety of a child with any gift you give to them.

This means that toys that break, are slippery or can be swallowed are out of the question. You’re now left with a few choices, but this doesn’t mean the perfect gift isn’t out there. You just haven’t found it yet.

Bundaloo’s Elephant Surprise Animal Box is a complete set of plush animals that are safe for toddlers to play with!

Safe for baby play, our surprise box of 4 animals and 1 carrier is made of durable materials that can withstand rough handling of energetic children. With an elephant-shaped carrier, your toddler can conveniently store their toys when not in use.

Encourage your young one to learn through sounds. By hearing different sounds, your child will be curious and ask questions about each animal. Playing with this set also helps a kid develop their motor and coordination skills.

Do you run a day care center or are a pre-school teacher? Then, you understand the importance of having toys around for children to play with. This animal set makes a great addition to your collection of toys for young tykes.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice:
✅ Space-saving design
✅ Gender neutral
✅ Easy to clean
✅ Incredible colors and beautiful details
✅ Keeps kids entertained for longer

Give a toddler a wonderful toy to smile about. Add Bundaloo’s Elephant Surprise Animal Box to your cart TODAY!