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Bundaloo Motion Soccer Game - Battery Operated

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  • ⚽ CHALLENGE YOUR KID’S GOAL SHOOTING SKILLS - Level up to a moving goal and improve your kid’s soccer shooting skills. Moving from side to side, our soccer goal provides a fun and exciting challenge for your little tykes.
  • ⚽ IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS & COORDINATION - Having a moving target is not just challenging, but it’s also a great way to help your kids develop their motor skills, coordination and timing, and pre-planning skills.
  • ⚽ BEGINNER & EXPERT MODES - Choose from 2 difficulty levels fit for kids who are new to soccer or those who are looking to further their accuracy and shooting skills.
  • ⚽ INDOOR & OUTDOOR ENJOYMENT - Our moving soccer goal works perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Where there’s a smooth and flat surface, you can set up this soccer goal and start kicking those soccer balls around.
  • ⚽ HOURS OF FUN FAMILY TIME - Teach your kids the fundamentals of soccer or simply kick the ball around. In any case, our moving soccer goal is a great way to spend some quality time with your young ones.

Looking for a way to help improve your little soccer athlete’s goal shooting accuracy?

Introducing your kids to soccer usually means shooting soccer balls through a small, stationary goal. It can be fun at first, but it can also get really old really fast. When this happens, your kids may start to lose interest in the game, which means that the soccer goal goes back into the box and into storage.

To keep your kids interested, you’ll need to provide them with some challenge - just enough to keep them motivated, but not too difficult that it’ll leave them frustrated - while keeping it fun and exciting at the same time.

Make it challenging, but make it fun, too!

The Bundaloo Electronic Motion Soccer Game comes with 2 pre-programmed settings. In the Beginner Mode, the goal moves slow enough to provide a bit of challenge for little athletes. It’s perfect for tykes who want to simply kick the ball around and score some goals.

Looking for a little more challenge? Switch it up to the Expert Mode! With the goal sliding faster, your little superstars will have to level up their game. It’s a great way to start practicing how to shoot towards a moving target, and scoring a goal or two in this mode can certainly give your kid’s self-confidence a boost.

Our unique Electronic Motion Soccer Game moves from side to side covering a distance of 3 feet. You’ll want enough space and a flat surface (no carpets, please) for undisturbed game time.

Still on the fence? Here are some features of our moving soccer goal to help you decide.

⚽ Moves on wheels so you don’t have to worry about floor scuffs and damage
⚽ Great gift for little soccer fans
⚽ Compact and lightweight design makes for easy storage

A bit of challenge and heaps of fun makes playing soccer so much more enjoyable. Add the Bundaloo Electric Motion Soccer Game to your cart today.