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Bundaloo Support Step Stool for Hospital Bed, Kitchen Shelving, & Bath Tub

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  • STEP UP & DOWN SAFELY - Stools areessential to reach high shelves, kitchen si nks, as well as to get in and out of the bath tub or bed. We made it safer by adding a rail you can hold on to.
  • STURDY & STABLE SUPPORT - The handle is attached to the stool itself for extra support and stability. Our stools have a dimension of 13" x 19" x 34 ½”. The height of the step is 9 ½”
  • SLIP-RESISTANT MAT, HANDLE, & LEG CAPS - To keep hands and feet from slipping, we added a textured rubber matting on the stepping surface and handle. The rubber leg caps keep the stool in place.
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Use this portable stool anywhere you need to with ease. It is light enough to move from room to room and durable enough to withstand repeated use, weight, and impact.
  • FOR HOME & MEDICAL USE – Children and adults can use this in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, and bathroom. It is also beneficial for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those in therapy.

Unable to clean up or grab anything from those high shelves in your kitchen or garage?

It can get quite frustrating when you have to grab a chair just to be able to reach top closet shelves, change the lightbulb or paint the sealing. It is also exhausting and dangerous, especially if the chair or ladder you use is not sturdy enough to hold and balance your weight.

It’s the same for kids or short people who need assistance getting in and out of the bath tub, getting up and down from a tall bed, or reaching the sink well enough to brush their teeth or wash their hands.

The Bundaloo Support Step Stool is designed to give you the support you need to be able to do all of that the safest and most convenient way possible!

It isn’t difficult to find something to step on to reach high areas around the house. However, it is important to use something that makes you feel secure. Our support step stool adds enough height to enhance reachability. More than that, we added a handrail you can grab and hold to make stepping up and stepping down a piece of cake.

The metal frame of the handle and platform is durable enough to stay intact and hold a maximum weight up to 300 lbs . The handle and step have rubber mats on them for extra slip-resistance. The feet have rubber caps on them to keep the stool from slipping dangerously across the floor and causing unpleasant scratches on it while in use.

The step stool is versatile enough for use both indoors and out. It is light enough to be carried to wherever you need it to be!

Additional benefits of the Bundaloo step stool:
✅ Clean and simple design to easily match your decor
✅ Easy to clean and absolutely rust-proof

Bundaloo is here for you! Your backed by a 6 Month Warranty
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