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Bundaloo Giant Wood 4 in a Row Game - 2 Player Large


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  • 🔴 CLASSIC GAME UPSIZED - Bigger is definitely better! Standing 14.75 inches high and 21.57 inches wide, our jumbo four-in-a-row toy is perfect for your backyard parties, barbecues or camping trips.
  • 🔵 TEST YOUR SKILLS - Learn and have fun at the same time. Great for players young and old, our large connect four game helps enhance hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • 🔴 EASY TO USE - Be the first person or team to connect 4 pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. After playing, simply turn the wooden board upside down to release the disks.
  • 🔵 LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Here’s a game that will keep the whole family entertained during long trips. With detachable legs, the board is easy to store and fits effortlessly in luggage.
  • 🔴 GREAT FOR GIFTING - This gender neutral board game set is perfect not only for all ages but also for any number of players. Included with the wooden board are 21 blue and 21 red plastic disks.

Bored and tired of playing the same games over and over?

Whenever your family would travel, you like to play games together. But during the last few trips you had, no one seemed enthusiastic to join anymore. It’s the same choices every single time: card games, pictionary, charades, trivia.

For your next camping or beach adventure, you want to surprise everyone with something new and exciting. You no longer want to hear your children complain about playing the same games day after day. Or watch the adults “just going along with it.”

The Bundaloo Wood 4 in a Row Game is a new twist to a classic and fun activity the whole family will enjoy!

This large version of the popular 4 in a row game will take everyone back in time. Play it with your children or your friends—you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies with this super engaging game.

Do you like to challenge your kids? With easy-to-follow mechanics, our addictive board game helps enhance a child’s motor skills, counting skills, and cognitive ability. It’s fun and educational at the same time!

Make this set a part of your family game night. Set aside a special time on a weekly basis to play our row game so you can bond with your children. This way, they can forget about the tube or their smartphones even for just an hour or two.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice:

✅ Easy to clean with warm water and mild soap
✅ Durable wooden construction
✅ Great for both indoor and outdoor use
✅ Designed for 2 or more players

Add variety to your group games and activities. Add Bundaloo Wood 4 in a Row Game to your cart TODAY!